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Carolyn L. Austin

Carolyn L. Austin was born and raised in Miami, FL. In 2014, she recognized “the call” and began writing Prayer Share as a daily devotional to aid friends’ healing. Carolyn is a retired law enforcement officer, real estate broker, auditor, and business education instructor. She has one daughter, Caroiya and two grandsons, DeAndre and Elijah. Caroiya is also a writer.

Many of the daily devotionals shared within the pages of Prayers of my Mother unveiled Carolyn's real life anecdotes which were deeply hidden in her past and most times forgotten. The more she shared her journey with others, the more anecdotes she recalled. She has shared her trials and tribulations to encourage, console and heal, and hopefully bring peace and reconciliation to many. It is her utmost desire that Prayers of my Mother inspires many to seek a relationship with God, with the understanding that most times it is because of our trials and tribulations that we can hear Him, but we must learn Listening With A Different Ear