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…Reflective and thought provoking. Forced me to reflect on my life, relationships, jobs, friendships, and family; and examine how I repeated and resolved certain scenarios. Most importantly, if I am continuing the same patterns in my life today, the book showed me how to release them – especially if harmful.
Rhonda D., Greensboro, NC
The story drew me in from the beginning, and I did not put it down until I finished! I dated someone while in my 20s who never committed. Those were my best years, and I didn’t have time to waste. He said something I will never forget, “No time is ever wasted if you get something out of it.” So, even though we’ve all eaten our own vomit…as my grandmother used to say, “Bought sense is better than told!”N. Holmes, Lithonia, GA

Triggered self-reflection of relationship experiences long buried. If we don't deal head on with our poor choices, our daughters will have unnecessary struggles and pain. There are serious things we must tell our daughters... Paulette J., Plymouth Meeting, PA

Definitely recognized my own vomit! The men were dishonest because they were intimidated by the author. Women believe that men want to be in a relationship – some are content in non-exclusive relationships. The author tried too hard to see the good in everyone. We cannot help or change someone who is unwilling to do so. A. Johnson, Jonesboro, GA

Vomit flowing like a river! I applaud the author for her transparency in sharing the raw, bad, and ugly vomit experiences of her career and personal relationships. Certainly, an epiphany that caused me to do much soul-searching. A. Jones, Chicago, IL

Very inspiring! Helped me identify games men play. I also learned how to pray for strength when going through tough times on the job, in relationships, or just in general. This book will help you identify patterns in people, so you don’t make the same mistakes repeatedly. Hard to put down and full of life lessons!

M. Lowe, Ruskin, FL

I didn't want to put the book down! We are not alone in making the same mistakes multiple times. This book includes Bible verse references to assist us in our mistake-filled journey through life. I reflected on my relationship vomit especially when I was trying to find my husband. I can now see the vomit in one of my daughters' lives, but she refuses to rely on God to assist her in making the right decisions. Deborah M., Columbia, SC

 It’s a page-turner! A jewelry box filled with gems – life lessons! Words to live by…a handbook to avoid unnecessary consumption of one’s own vomit. Inspirational to say the least! F. Peck, Tampa, FL.