Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

"Don't Eat Your Vomit! is an autobiographical account of author Carolyn L. Austin's life. Carolyn relates her romantic relationships, alongside her professional career, and how some wisdom bestowed by her mother helped her navigate heartbreak and hardships. She terms this book as a precursor to her much-acclaimed debut, Prayers of My Mother. The book recounts momentous events in Carolyn's life since the early 80s when she graduated with an associate degree and married her high school sweetheart, Danny. However, the marriage doesn't last as Danny turns out to be abusive and a neglectful father. After a string of bad relationships, Carolyn realizes that the key to leading a fulfilling life is recognizing unhealthy relationships and patterns of destructive behaviors and avoiding them in their entirety.

Author Carolyn L. Austin lays bare her life story unflinchingly without restraints. Don't Eat Your Vomit! is an insightful and authentic look at the complex life of the author, which showcases how associating yourself with the wrong person can affect your personal and professional life. Despite her struggles, Carolyn never gives up and keeps a positive attitude through the hard times. Each chapter incorporates a different stage of Carolyn's life. Sprinkled throughout the pages are prayers that helped her navigate some of the rough times. This is an inspirational story that anyone who feels trapped in their relationships or professional career should find immensely helpful. Carolyn's tale is full of heartbreak and struggles, but there's also plenty of humor, and you can't help but feel a bit optimistic after finishing the book. Highly recommended."

Reviewed by Anelynde Smit for Readers' Favorite

"Don't Eat Your Vomit by Carolyn L. Austin is a unique look at Proverbs 26:11 - “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.” This story precedes Prayers of My Mother where we follow Carolyn as she is building a career and a life. This is a powerful story of how a woman gets away from abuse and discrimination, sabotage and loss. This book can be used as a handbook for life lessons, inspiration, and above all, motivation. The book breaks after every chapter to offer a small piece to discuss and think over. The scripture used throughout reminds the reader that they are not alone and that scripture can be used in everyday life, still as valuable now as it was then. The power of prayer is a strong message that carries with it a sense of responsibility, to be a prayer warrior for someone who might need you. Carolyn does not hold back and shares all. She grows closer to her God as she grows older, coming of age in The Spirit. We could all do with such a dose of honesty; the world would be a better place.

I liked Don’t Eat Your Vomit by Carolyn L. Austin because it can be used as a manual to purge your own demons. Be it love, pain, loss, or anger, we all need to find a way to walk away from it in a healthy way. This book allows you to do that, by the author telling you her story. How she suffered from discrimination, found her love with the NOBLE foundation, and dealt with motherhood while she was silently suffering from loneliness. The title puts you off at first, but in all honesty, the title suits the book perfectly. I feel this book will help a lot of people, especially those already familiar with her work. I loved her honesty and her way of talking to you as if you are a trusted friend. It sets the mood for a good read, and you want to know if she gets her happy ending. For the Christian genre reader, this book is one to look out for."


…Reflective and thought provoking. Forced me to reflect on my life, relationships, jobs, friendships, and family; and examine how I repeated and resolved certain scenarios. Most importantly, if I am continuing the same patterns in my life today, the book showed me how to release them – especially if harmful.
Rhonda D., Greensboro, NC
The story drew me in from the beginning, and I did not put it down until I finished! I dated someone while in my 20s who never committed. Those were my best years, and I didn’t have time to waste. He said something I will never forget, “No time is ever wasted if you get something out of it.” So, even though we’ve all eaten our own vomit…as my grandmother used to say, “Bought sense is better than told!”N. Holmes, Lithonia, GA

I didn't want to put the book down! We are not alone in making the same mistakes multiple times. This book includes Bible verse references to assist us in our mistake-filled journey through life. I reflected on my relationship vomit especially when I was trying to find my husband. I can now see the vomit in one of my daughters' lives, but she refuses to rely on God to assist her in making the right decisions. Deborah M., Columbia, SC

 It’s a page-turner! A jewelry box filled with gems – life lessons! Words to live by…a handbook to avoid unnecessary consumption of one’s own vomit. Inspirational to say the least! F. Peck, Tampa, FL.

Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers' Favorite

"Carolyn was from a stable family filled with love. So it was within reason that she wanted a beautiful career and love life. Only, there are wishes, and there is fate. At nineteen, she married her high school sweetheart, Danny. Unfortunately, what started as a love match turned into a hub of abuse, infidelity, discontent, and unhappiness. With her baby girl’s safety on the line, Carolyn got a divorce. Her second husband was worse, a man who mirrored the previous one in name, deed, and more. Carolyn also faced terrible persecution at her job as an African-American woman. She suffered harassment, sabotage, mutiny, and all career stunting actions. Within her ordeals, the Holy Spirit takes her on a journey through life in this book titled Don’t Eat Your Vomit! by Carolyn L. Austin.

Don’t Eat Your Vomit! by Carolyn L. Austin is a relatable memoir. I read this book with bated breath. It was thought-provoking and a cause for self-reflection. I was baffled most of the time because I couldn’t wrap my head around many things, but this memoir was indeed a vomit! Carolyn was transparent and resilient! Reading this book caused me to reevaluate and take stock of every relationship I’ve had, from the workplace to family, friends, and significant other. I wondered if I ever sold myself short. My spirit found rest in chapter 30, as it was the port of truth. I realized that, most times, we are the vomit. We need saving from ourselves and strings of bad choices. While purging the unwanted from our lives, we must look inwards to ensure that we didn’t help shackle ourselves. Thank you for sharing, Carolyn."

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Triggered self-reflection of relationship experiences long buried. If we don't deal head on with our poor choices, our daughters will have unnecessary struggles and pain. There are serious things we must tell our daughters... Paulette J., Plymouth Meeting, PA

Definitely recognized my own vomit! The men were dishonest because they were intimidated by the author. Women believe that men want to be in a relationship – some are content in non-exclusive relationships. The author tried too hard to see the good in everyone. We cannot help or change someone who is unwilling to do so. A. Johnson, Jonesboro, GA

Vomit flowing like a river! I applaud the author for her transparency in sharing the raw, bad, and ugly vomit experiences of her career and personal relationships. Certainly, an epiphany that caused me to do much soul-searching. A. Jones, Chicago, IL

Very inspiring! Helped me identify games men play. I also learned how to pray for strength when going through tough times on the job, in relationships, or just in general. This book will help you identify patterns in people, so you don’t make the same mistakes repeatedly. Hard to put down and full of life lessons!

M. Lowe, Ruskin, FL