Prayers of my Mother

In 2014, one of my childhood friends was experiencing the effects of an ugly divorce. In the past, she had sought prayer from my mother and expressed to me how she wished that my mother was still able to pray for and with her. I responded that because my mother was unable to pray for and with her anymore, that I would.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2010. She had previously been a devout prayer warrior, praying for those who requested prayer, as well as those whom the Spirit led her to pray for. Ironically, in 2013, I began asking for prayer regarding a work situation that consumed my soul. I needed intercessory prayer and I asked my daughter to tell my nieces and nephews to pray for me. My work environment was taking a toll on me and it felt like I would need to sell my soul to adapt and survive in it. I knew that God was bigger than my situation and I was reminded of my mother’s words, “These are just things.”

Therefore, in 2014, my friend’s distress led me to begin sending daily prayers to her via text messages. During the succeeding months, two additional friends confided in me that they were experiencing deep depression and even suicidal thoughts. I then realized that a calling had been placed on my life and it was my turn to become a prayer warrior.

What began as prayer for one transitioned into prayer for many. The text messages evolved into nightly Prayer Share emails. Once people learned about the Prayer Share, I began receiving requests from people to be added to the distribution list. Within six months, the distribution list grew and I began receiving testimonials from the readers about the positive impact the prayers had on their lives. Currently, there are 73 Prayer Share recipients. Some of their testimonials and the related prayers are included in this book.

The prayers were fueled by real life experiences caused by pain and suffering, deception, betrayal, and heartbreak. This book also includes my personal experiences not previously shared. I do not proclaim to be an expert in prayer, only to have helped others through prayer. My credibility comes from my living testimony and my willingness to allow God to work through me.

My mother is the inspiration behind Prayers of my Mother as I was chosen to fulfill her legacy. This book answers many of my mother’s prayers for her children to have a relationship with God. Prayers of my Mother will give the reader tiny pieces of faith to help them believe that He is there for us. All we need is faith.

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