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"'Prayers of my Mother: Tiny Pieces of Faith to Help You Believe He is There for You. All you need is Faith.' by Carolyn L Austin is a collection of beautiful prayers, meditations, and anecdotes that celebrate the author’s experience of faith, transmitted through her anointed mother. The texts are well-composed and they feature powerful biblical references. In this book, readers will discover the real reason for their faith, find courage to hold onto it even in the midst of harrowing tribulations, and learn to listen to the voice of God that speaks to them through the Scriptures and directly to their hearts.

This book is beautifully written. Divided into five different parts, it traces the author’s spiritual path and creates one that readers can use to travel to God. Readers will learn the different ways of deepening their relationship with God, growing in trust, and increasing their faith. The author’s voice comes across powerfully. It is clear and confident and when she talks about God, the reader is left in no doubt that she is speaking from a place within her heart where she has been touched by the Divine Flame and where she feels unconditionally loved. This book will definitely lead every reader seeking God to arrive at that point of maturity in faith and in the quest for ultimate union with their creator. Carolyn L Austin’s writing is simple and very accessible and I enjoyed the conversational style the author adopts. Prayers of my Mother will transform the way you think about God and yourself, the way you pray, and the way you relate with others. It’s a gift to receive with gratitude, and then pass on.

Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite" September 2017

"Austin’s reassuring debut guides Christian readers through life’s trials and tribulations with inspiring Bible verses, uplifting prayers, and relatable life stories. In the touching preface, in which she credits her mother for her strong faith in God and devotion to prayer, Austin explains that she realized her own calling as a “prayer warrior” only after she began to send daily prayers to several friends to help them through difficult emotional experiences and life events. Austin continues her mother’s work by sharing her faith, hoping to facilitate readers’ relationships with God and provide guidance and hope to anyone encountering obstacles in life.

Austin divides this affirmative book into five sections. The first, “Blessed Trinity,” is primarily about finding a spiritual calling and interacting with God. The second, “Identifiable Characteristics,” discusses fate and free will. The rest cover loosely defined themes such as “life’s relationships” and “spiritual challenges” and are subdivided into chapters that address concerns such as poor self-esteem, financial struggles, boundaries, heartbreak, and illness. Within each chapter, there is a primary Bible verse that serves as a springboard for stories culled from the author’s life, quotations from other sources, and advice that highlights Austin’s faith and positive attitude.

The variable formatting and margins, inconsistent fonts, and substantial use of bold type can be distracting and weigh down the narrative. However, Austin’s message is powerful and inspiring. Her tone is casual and warm, and most readers will find something to relate to in her experiences concerning work, parenthood, divorce, and emotional dilemmas. Although devout Christians will be most comfortable with the numerous references to Jesus, Bible passages, and quotes from Christian spiritual books, the genuineness of Austin’s heartfelt and uplifting words may appeal to other readers looking for support during difficult times.

Takeaway: Devout Christians facing life’s challenges will find enrichment and encouragement in Austin’s edifying prayers.

Great for fans of Joyce Meyer’s Trusting God, Day by Day; Joel Osteen’s Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now; Maria Shriver’s I’ve Been Thinking."

Reviewed by BookLife Reviews for Publishers Weekly December 2019


I had a book reading at my home and I never saw my friends be touched so emotionally by anything before.

They needed this book as an example of what someone else can experience and be victorious, and allow

God to lead them through all adversities in life. No matter what you are going through - shame, break-up,

or you want to know your calling, this book has a scripture and a story-line (experience) that will help you live

through your own!
Angela R-K, Upper-Marlboro, MD

This book is life changing in every way. It offers effective prayers in every area of life from the authors

personal experiences, to bless the reader. The author really "paints a picture" through her testimonies to allow

you to get a true depiction of all that she went through...and most importantly, all that GOD BROUGHT HER THROUGH. This book can be used as a daily devotional as well as whenever a needed pick me up. I wholeheartedly recommend you purchase this book for yourself and as gifts for others. You WILL be BLESSED by this book!!!!!!
Nicole S., Columbia, SC

Prayers of my Mother is a very inspirational book. The author does a really great job of finding the most appropriate Biblical verses that relate to real life experiences. I personally find the Bible difficult sometimes to understand. However, in this book the author makes the Bible verses so understandable and so relatable to real life. Every evening I look forward to reading a couple of chapters and praying along with the author. This book has helped me to formulate my own nightly prayers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have told several of my friends about this book because I want them to know about this new resource they now have. I believe it will help them with their daily life struggles and to help them to continue to have faith. I look forward to the next volume of Prayers of my Mother. Kudos to the author Carolyn L. Austin!
Linda T., Riverview, FL

This book is such an inspiration. The content is divided into sections which allow the reader to go directly to a topic they may be struggling with spiritually or emotionally and read a scripture, a story and be able to pray about the issue. This book can be used as a daily devotional as well. I believe this book will help people. Thank you, Carolyn! Incredible work!
A. Jackson, Miami, FL

Prayers of my Mother is such a comfortable read. I was inspired by Carolyn's authenticity and openness. Reading this book was like talking to a friend who has been through it, survived it, and is praying me on to victory. At a time when there seems to be little time to do the things we enjoy, Prayers of my Mother allows you to read what you need when you need it, and be uplifted.
Y. Allen, McDonough, GA

Prayers of my Mother is an eloquently written devotional and testament of the Power of Prayer. Weaving her readers through relatable life experiences and spiritual challenges, Ms. Austin generously leads her students from doubt and denial toward the ever-present answer of prayer and faith. This gem is a must-read! I encourage seekers of Peace and acceptance to add this book to your bedside table for an easy go-to guide and companion.
Kelly F., Blythewood, SC

Prayers of my Mother is the epitome of what its title implies so eloquently. Often parents are unsure if a child is learning life’s valuable lessons from them, Carolyn was indeed listening to her mother. For those of us who do not really take the time to study and read the bible as we should, Carolyn has put life into parts and chapters of the Bible so one can connect with the various issues that we all face. Her book is similar to a recipe book for finding and applying the Bible verses that teach you how to pray during times similar to her trials. Carolyn shares intimate stories about her relationship with her mother and family as an example of how prayer and study helped her develop a strong faith in God that defined her life’s path to follow in her mother’s footsteps as an omnipotent prayer warrior. There is something for everyone in this powerful work, a must read for all! Thank you for sharing with the world this deeply private, inspirational learning tool for faith. I know your mother is very proud.
Paula R., Columbia, SC

This is a wonderful, loving tribute to a mother from her daughter, and a great source of inspiration for anyone who reads it. Thank you for pouring out your heart and showing your love of God on each page; and sharing it with all of us. A total work of love!
Cheryl W., Orlando, FL

This book is inspirational and a guiding light. I love the way this book is divided up into sections/chapters and the titles of each one. This allows you to reference whatever topic you may need to reflect on. This book made me reflect on my life's journey. I could relate to a lot of the stories or experiences. This book will bless so many lives!
Rhonda W., Columbia, SC